Jobs for single and stay at home moms
I have been doing  lot of research on jobs for stay at home moms. I have realized that many stay at home and/or single moms need to make an extra income but it's hard to find jobs that allow them to be able to still spend the necessary time they need with their children. Jobs for stay at home moms have to be different from the conventional 9-5. I personally feel that network marketing works best for single at stay at home moms. It gives them the freedom to do more without having to be tied down to a desk or punch a clock.

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How To Share The iLiving App
If you are not sure what the iLiving App (iLA) is, I will try to briefly explain. iLA is smartphone app that is being shared with the world through network marketing. This app delivers weekly personal development content to your mobile device. The content delivered ranges from time management, business development, wealth building and everything in between.

The best thing about the iLiving App is that it allows you to get paid by sharing the app with others. If you are in any way familiar with multi level marketing then you know about the compensation matrix. iLA uses a 3x7 forced matrix. If you are not familiar with a 3x7 forced matrix the following video will explain.

The best way to share the iLiving App is to just get out there and tell people. Unlike other products in the network marketing realm, iLA can benefit almost anyone. It’s really all about helping people understand that they can make a few extra bucks each month by just telling 3 people. If you focus on just enrolling 3 and showing them how to do the same then you got this thing wrapped up. It’s just that simple. If you need to know more about the iLiving App do not hesitate to visit


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